Computer Networks Down at Iowa Community College
Computer Networks Down at Iowa Community College

Des Moines Area Community College is still recovering from a "security incident" discovered last week.

“We have experienced a security incident which required us to shut down parts of our network until the situation is assessed and we remediate the issue,” the college said in a statement posted on Facebook June 4.

Fully online classes were first canceled June 3 and have not yet resumed. In-person classes are continuing, but faculty and staff have been asked not to “attempt to sign in to any computer for any reason while physically located at any DMACC location,” according to the college’s website.

The college has not commented publicly on the nature of the attack but has previously stated that there is no evidence that any student or faculty information has been acquired or is at risk.

“I want to assure that we are doing everything possible to get our systems operational again,” said Rob Denson, president of the community college. “As always, students are our top priority and we want to help them through this as we restart in person and virtual classes.”

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